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Sunday, February 7, 2010


What is a compiler?
A compiler is necessary to make your source code (..c, .cpp, or .cc files) into a running program. If you're just starting out, you'll need to make sure that you have one before you start. There are many compilers available


  • Compile convert a source code file into an executable, but strictly speaking, compilation is an intermediate step

  • Link The act of taking compiled code and turning it into an executable

  • Build A build refers to the process of creating the end executable (what is often colloquially refered to as compilation).

  • Compiler Generally, compiler refers to both a compiler and a "linker"

  • Linker The program that generates the executable by linking

  • IDE Integrated Development Environment, a combination of a text editor and a compiler, such that you can compile and run your programs directly within the IDE. IDEs facilitates debugging.



    • Code::Blocks and MINGW Our recommended free compiler setup!
    • Borland Find out how to download and set up Borland's free command-line compiler
    • DJGPP Read about DJGPP, a DOS-based compiler
    • Dev-C++ and Digital Mars Read about Dev-C++, a good windows based compiler, and Digital Mars
    • Windows Only

    • Microsoft Visual C++ you must have heard about Visual C++
    • *nix

    • g++ is a C++ compiler that comes with most *nix distributions.
    • gcc is a C(and many other) compiler that comes with most *nix distributions.
    • Macintosh

    • Apple's own Macintosh Programmer's Workshop is a compiler I've never used, but it is direct from apple and free.
    • Codewarrior My experiences with Codewarrior are limited to Java programming, though it's gotten good reviews in the past. It's a full IDE rather than just a compiler, meaning that it has a text editor and debugger integrated with the compiler so you can do all your work from one place. 
    To know about how to compile you can refer to their manual.  GCC compilation process is given here

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